Element Minerals

Enhance your bathing experience.
Element™ and Element™ Activate mineral salts are a magnesium-enriched blend of pool salts designed to enhance your bathing experience and give the water a silky smooth feel with better water clarity.

  • Mineral-based premium salt product
  • High in magnesium for a soft, silky water quality
  • Keeps your pool crystal-clear

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Easy conversion for all types of pools

Whether you are currently using traditional saltwater chlorination or you manually dosed liquid or granular chlorine, converting to a mineral salt system is easy. Plus there is no need to change your filtration type, Element is compatible with sand, glass or cartridge filters.

Enhance your bathing experience

Element™ mineral salt is a sodium-based, magnesium-enriched blend designed to make the bathing experience much more enjoyable for all skin types. It creates a silky smooth feeling in the water that is very pleasant to swim in. Plus the natural flocculent effect of magnesium chloride keeps your pool water crystal clear.

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