Ezi Salt 24 Pool Chlorinator

$1,450.00 inc GST

Packed with features that make keeping your pool healthy and sanitized, simple and easy.

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Model No. Ezi Salt 24
Pool Coverage
Cell Dimensions (WxLxH) 280mm × 100mm × 90mm
Maximum Average Pool Size 70,000L (based on a mild weather climate, please adjust for cooler or hotter)
Plumbing Capacity 40mm only
Power Pack dimensions (WxLxH) 360mm × 300mm × 100mm
Recommended Salinity 4,000ppm

Key Features & Benefits

The Ezi Salt Saltwater Chlorinator will convert ordinary saltwater into 100% safe usable chlorine, to effectively sanitise your pool.

  1. The user friendly menu with built in clocks and timers means all you need to do is plug it in, set it up and add salt.
  2. The reverse polarity electrode cuts down dramatically on maintenance.
  3. Warning and indicator lights will alert you of any problems.
  4. Battery backup and built in surge protection for peace of mind.
  5.  Incremental chlorine output level selection.
  6. Boost and Low modes for easy output control.
  7. With the additional light relay box you can control and program your pool lights
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